About FirstMeds

An online medical resource which is committed to providing comprehensive and up-to-date  pharmacological information on both name-brand and generic medications.

We are working to simplify the healthcare process for you. Order your vitamins, nutritional supplements, homeopathic allopathic, and health-related items online and have them delivered right to your door.


1. The Vision

When it comes to medicines, we discovered that the information is either not available or is unclear to the people.

Therefore, we made the decision to build a platform that stood for transparent, truthful, and accessible information for everyone.

This concept developed into a business, and Firstmeds was established.

2. What we Offer

We offer reliable, trustworthy, and accurate information on medications and encourage safe and efficient medication usage.

We provide medicines and other health products delivered at home across India from licensed and verified pharmacies.

3. Journey So far

Over the past years, we have been constructing a healthcare platform that not only provides medication but also directs patients to buy the best and most affordable treatment.