Privacy Policy FirstMiD

Your information’s privacy is important to us. The types of personal information we gather from you through our website (including sub-domains and microsites) and mobile applications are described in this privacy notice (“Privacy Notice”).

It explains the objectives for why we gather such personal data. Additionally, it explains your options and rights in relation to your personal information, as well as how to get in touch with us to ask questions about our privacy policies.


The following definitions are used in this privacy notice:


A small file that our website or mobile application downloads on your device when you browse or utilise specific features on our website or application. A cookie often allows a website to remember your activities or preference for a specific period of time.


Includes any non-personal information, personal information, and sensitive personal information about you which in connection with other data, might allow us to identify you if you visit our websites or mobile applications.

Data Protection Laws

Any legislation that is currently in effect that is applicable and relates to the processing of Data.

User or you

The individual who physically enters one of our businesses or uses a mobile application.


FirstMiD gathers Data for several purposes stated out in this Privacy Notice.

The Data includes, the following categories:

  • Contact information: First and last name, postal address, nationality, employer, phone number, and any contact information of a similar kind.
  • Financial information: Payment instrument details, transactions, transaction history, preferences, methods of payment, modes of payment, patterns or trends in expenditure, and other data of a similar kind.
  • Technical information: Internet Protocol (IP) address, website, device, and mobile app usage, and similar data are gathered automatically via cookies, pixels, and similar tools.
  • Transaction information: the transaction’s date, total, history, preferences, and other relevant information.
  • Health-related information, such as details of treatment plans and medications prescribed by a medical professional, dosage information like frequency of dosage, alternative medications, medications you order through the platform, laboratory test results, and any information deduced from them, including information or records relating to Your medical/health history, health status, dosage details like frequency of dosage, and other information.
  • Product and service information: When you ask for products and/or services directly from us or take part in marketing programmes, we may collect your account membership number, registration and payment information, and information unique to a certain programme.
  • Personal information: Age, sex, date of birth, marital status, country of citizenship, information about government-issued identity papers, occupation, race, religion, and any other private data submitted in replies to surveys or questionnaires.
  • Your reviews, comments, and suggestions on our services, programmes, and goods.


We gather Data in the following ways:

  • Information You Give Us: Any information you provide on our website, in our mobile application, or that you otherwise provide to us is received and stored by us (e.g., at outlets, stores, hotels, kiosks). For further details, please refer to the section headed “Data Shared by You.”
  • Automatic Data That We Gather: Every time you interact with us, we utilise “cookies,” “pixels,” and other similar technologies to collect and store specific sorts of information. For further details, please refer to the section below labelled “Data that is Collected Automatically.”
  • E-mail Communications: We frequently receive a confirmation (if your device allows such capabilities) when you open email from us or click on a link in the email in order to assist us in making the email more pertinent and entertaining. By clicking the unsubscribe link in every marketing email, you can decide not to receive communications from us.
  • Automatic Information We gather from Other Websites: When you connect with third-party websites that make use of our technology or with whom we have a formal arrangement, we collect and keep certain types of information about you. The collection, processing, and use of such information are subject to the privacy policies of the relevant website operators and are not covered by our Privacy Notice since we process this information on behalf of the relevant website operators.
  • Information from Other Sources: We could get data from other sources. When you let a third-party website to communicate directly with our website or mobile application to send or receive Data about you, such as the website of another entity, is an illustration of this. In that event, it’s possible that we will obtain the Data that was utilised by the third-party website to locate your account there.


Depending on how you use our shops, website, or mobile application, we could gather your Data in a variety of ways:

  • When you sign up for one of our goods or services with us;
  • Whether you transact with us or attempt to transact with us at our website, through a mobile application;
  • When you respond to surveys we run or that we commission;
  • When you choose to receive communications from us (including marketing offers);
  • From the data we’ve collected about you via your use of our websites, apps, or shops.


Depending on how you use our shops, website, or mobile application, we could gather your Data in a variety of ways:

  • When you use our mobile application or visit our website, we automatically gather some information. By using this data, we may enhance our content and navigation. Your IP address is among the data automatically gathered.
  • IP addresses, operating system information, browser information, device information, and language settings are all collected by our site servers or affiliates that offer analytics and performance optimization services. The number of visits, typical time spent on the site, pages visited, and comparable data are all aggregated using this data. We use of this data to monitor site traffic, increase the effectiveness of our website or mobile application, assure safety and security, and improve content.
  • Depending on the settings on your browser, we could automatically gather your Data via Cookies, pixels, and other similar technologies.


We may occasionally need any or all of the aforementioned Data to give information and improve the experience when using our website or mobile application. We may utilise Data in particular ways for the purposes listed below:

  • Carry out our responsibilities under any agreement we have with you;
  • Serve you with goods and/or services and communicate with you on goods and/or services we offer;
  • Allow Partners and Entities to interact with you about their goods and/or services and to sell you their items;
  • Processing, divulging, exchanging, and/or transferring the data and information to entities and other third parties with whom we do business or have contractual obligations;
  • To improve your experience on our website and mobile application and to send you offers, customized services, and suggestions, including those for financial products and/or services;
  • Run, assess, and enhance our company’s operations, website, and mobile application;
  • Create insights from aggregated data to help us comprehend client behaviour, patterns, and trends in order to discover more about your preferences or other traits;
  • Grant you access and rewards, and base marketing and advertising efforts on your profile;
  • With relation to loyalty programmes run by us or other Entities and controlled by us;
  • To tailor and enhance our services, we must contact with you (including in response to your requests, questions, feedback, claims, or disputes);
  • To improve your shopping experience and provide you with access to membership programmes, incentives, and deals across all brands.
  • Enforce our mobile application’s and website’s terms of service;
  • Protect from and stop harm, financial loss, unlawful activities, fraud, and other legal or information security threats; and
  • Serve other objectives that we disclose in detail at the time of collection, as well as any other functions permitted or mandated by relevant law.


Where required by relevant legislation, we consider these conclusions as personal information (or sensitive personal information, as the case may be). There may be various grounds that support our use of your personal information, some of which overlap with the aforementioned grounds for processing.


We do not provide any goods or services for use by children on our website or mobile application. Only your parent or legal guardian can use our website or mobile application if you are under the age of 18.


We may share your Data with/ for:

We will take organizational and technical precautions to protect your data, and we keep it on secure servers. Measures to cope with any suspected data breach are included in the technical and organisational measures. Please report us right once through email at the address shown at Clause 16 below if you suspect any misuse, loss, or unauthorised access to your Data.


We retain Data for as long as required to provide access to and use of our website or mobile application, or for other essential purposes like complying with our legal obligations, resolving disputes, and enforcing our agreements, as well as for as long as processing and retaining your Data is required and is permitted by applicable law. Actual retention times can vary greatly since these requirements can change for various data kinds and uses.

Your Data may remain on backup or archive media for audit, legal, tax, or regulatory purposes even after we delete it, including in response to the exercising of your right under Clause 10 be


When we handle Data about you, we do so with your permission and/or as required to run our company, comply with legal and contractual requirements, safeguard the security of our systems and our clients, or satisfy other legitimate purposes as outlined in this Privacy Notice.

The following rights pertain to your sensitive personal information, and you can exercise them by contacting us as indicated in the section below under “How to Contact Us.”

  • Access, Review, and Modification Rights
  • Ability to Correct
  • The ability to revoke consent.


It is crucial that the Information we have about you is correct and up to date. If your personal information changes while it is still in our possession, kindly let us know.


India-based servers hold the data gathered under this Privacy Notice.


We take measures to guarantee that the Data we collect in accordance with this Privacy Notice is treated in accordance with its terms and any applicable legal requirements.

We have put in place necessary contractual arrangements with Entities, Partners, and Service Providers that we share your Data with in order to guarantee that it is adequately protected. By doing this, you may be confident that these parties will handle your Data in a way that complies with the law.


Our company is always evolving, therefore our Privacy Notice could too. Unless you have told us otherwise, we may send you e-mail reminders of our notices and terms from time to time, but you should visit our website and mobile application often to see any most current updates. As soon as the latest version is available, it will take effect. Any modifications will be promptly posted on our website and mobile application, and your first use of our website or mobile application or first purchase of the products and/or services afterward will be regarded as your acceptance of the revised Privacy Notice. In order to be updated about how we are protecting your information, we encourage you to often review our Privacy Notice.


Send us an email at if you’d like to make a request to access, review, amend, or withdraw your consent for your personal information. Within 30 days, we will react to your request.